Below is a list a of IVR solutions we have created for our clients:

Inbound/Outbound Telephone Surveys For Polling
This application (either as inbound or outbound) is particularly useful for political polling as well as for companies who are interested in measuring customer satisfaction. The survey can include multiple questions with advanced branching options if needed.

Time Clock IVR
This time and attendance application allows employees to clock in and clock out by simply calling an IVRHQ phone number. Our system tracks the date and time of each call as well as the location the employee called from. The reports are available in real time online as well as a CSV download. There are additional features include an automated email if an employee has not clocked in for a scheduled shift.

Zip Code Based Locators
This application is for companies who have many locations and want their customers to find the nearest location quickly and easily by phone. Callers can be automatically connected to the nearest location.

Account Inquiry
This application is for companies who have customers who require the ability to check available account balances or order status via the phone 24/7/365. The customer simply calls a phone number, enters their account number and/or pin. Then the IVR system can provide the customer with their current available account information.

Information Lines
This application can be a huge time saver for companies who want to provide information to callers without tying up a live agent’s time. The caller can listen to any number of pre-recorded messages and navigate a menu of options. Lastly, the caller can be given the option to be transferred to an agent or even leave a voicemail message that can be automatically sent via email to one or more email address.

Predictive Dialing
This application is for call centers who want to maximize the efficiency of all agents while reducing costs. The interface is very user friendly for agents, supervisors and administrators.

Ordering Lines
This application is helpful for businesses who want to offer offline order taking without tying up a live agent. The caller and leave a message with the product or service as well as their credit card information.

Advanced Call Routing & Tracking
This application gives the impression of a large company with several employees working in the same office, however, in reality the system is routing inbound calls based on several advanced customizable rules, like time of day and location, to agents who could be located throughout the country.

Transcription Lines
This is a speech to text application that utilizes speech recognition technology. It converts live conversation and voicemail messages to a written message that can be automatically emailed to one or more email addresses.

Voice Broadcast Robocalls
This application allows an organization like a non-profit or political campaign to deliver pre-recorded messages to live answers (with or without a live transfer option) as well as to answering machines. A different pre-recorded message can be used for live answers and answering machines.

Custom IVR Development
If you are looking for an application that is not listed here, please let us know what you are looking for.